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      Redakteur: ks. dr hab. Janusz Bujak, prof. US
      Inhaltsverzeichnis: 25_spis_tresci.pdf
      Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
      Seitenzahl: 305
      ISSN: 1230-0780


      Autor: Piotr Goniszewski
      Titel: Ludwig Wittgenstein’s remarks on the Scripture
      Inhalt: 01_goniszewski_piotr.pdf
      Seiten: 11-25

      Autor: Janusz Kr鏊ikowski
      Titel: The apostolic proclamation in the mystery of the revelation of God
      Inhalt: 02_krolikowski_janusz.pdf
      Seiten: 27-35

      Autor: Janusz Lema雟ki
      Titel: The serpent made by Moses and the serpent from Eden.
                   From historical tradition to theological concept

      Inhalt: 03_lemanski_janusz.pdf
      Seiten: 37-66


      Autor: Pawe B豉siak
      Titel: The Holy Family as a living Icon of the Holy Trinity
      Inhalt: 04_blasiak_pawel.pdf
      Seiten: 69-82

      Autor: Wojciech P. Grygiel
      Titel: What is invariant? On the possibility and perspectives
                   of the evolutionary theology

      Inhalt: 05_grygiel_p_wojciech.pdf
      Seiten: 83-101

      Autor: Rados豉w Kimsza
      Titel: Actio and contemplatio – two wings of the apostolate blessed
                   Boles豉wa M. Lament

      Inhalt: 06_kimsza_radoslaw.pdf
      Seiten: 103-112

      Autor: Andrzej Proniewski
      Titel: The membership of the Church according to Karl Rahner
      Inhalt: 07_proniewski_andrzej.pdf
      Seiten: 113-133

      Autor: Dariusz Wypych
      Titel: Franciszek Blachnicki – a paschal and free man. From the historical
                  and pastoral perspective

      Inhalt: 08_wypych_dariusz.pdf
      Seiten: 135-145

      Autor: Jaros豉w Zieli雟ki
      Titel: Theft in case of necessity in totalitarian systems
      Inhalt: 09_zielinski_jaroslaw.pdf
      Seiten: 147-159


      Autor: Krzysztof ㄆszczek
      Titel: New paradigms of education in the digital environment
      Inhalt: 10_luszczek_krzysztof.pdf
      Seiten: 163-175

      Autor: Rados豉w Mazur
      Titel: Educational indications in the contemporary teaching of the Church
      Inhalt: 11_mazur_radoslaw.pdf
      Seiten: 177-189

      Autor: Kazimierz Misiaszek
      Titel: Catholic education facing challenges of contemporary times
      Inhalt: 12_misiaszek_kazimierz.pdf
      Seiten: 191-205

      Autor: Aldona Zakrzewska
      Titel: Catholic pedagogy and education of young people for social

      Inhalt: 13_zakrzewska_aldona.pdf
      Seiten: 207-221


      Autor: Karol Jasi雟ki
      Titel: Relationship between Christianity and capitalism according
                 to Maciej Zi瑿a OP

      Inhalt: 14_jasinski_karol.pdf
      Seiten: 225-240

      Autor: Karolina Rozmiarek
      Titel: The judgement of the existence or non-existence, nullity declaration
                  and the dissolution of marriage in the Polish family law
                  of invalidity and dissolution of marriage in the Canon law
                  of the Catholic Church

      Inhalt: 15_rozmiarek_karolina.pdf
      Seiten: 241-260

      Autor: Ewa Wnuk
      Titel: New times – new opportunities. Politics in the new public space
      Inhalt: 16_wnuk_ewa.pdf
      Seiten: 261-273


      Autor: Jaros豉w W御owicz
      Titel: Rev. Andrzej J霩ef Delerdt, A spring of boundless God’s grace:
                   The Sorrowful Mother of God in Skrzatusz and Her history
                   A. Borysowska, Rev. T. Ceynowa, eds., Szczecin 2017, 59 p.

      Inhalt: 17_wasowicz_jaroslaw.pdf
      Seiten: 277-279

      Autor: Marcin Napad這
      Titel: Karol Tarnowski, In the darkness of learned ignorance, University
                   of Lodz (鏚) Publisher, Lodz (鏚) 2017, 340 p

      Inhalt: 18_napadlo_marcin.pdf
      Seiten: 281-283

      Autor: ㄆkasz Bilski
      Titel: A report on an academic conference: Liturgy and liturgical music in the
                   contemporary theological debate
, Koszalin, November 18, 2017

      Inhalt: 19_bilski_lukasz.pdf
      Seiten: 285-294

      Autor: Krystyna Krawiec-Z這tkowska
      Titel: An academic symposium on St. Otto, the Apostle of Pomerania
               (Slupsk (S逝psk), December 4, 2017)

      Inhalt: 20_krawiec-zlotkowska_krystyna.pdf
      Seiten: 295-298

      Autor: Rados豉w Mazur
      Titel: A report on an academic symposium: The Catholic upbringing in times
                   of contemporary transformations
, Koszalin, May 6, 2017

      Inhalt: 21_mazur_radoslaw.pdf
      Seiten: 299-302

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