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      Editor: ks. prof. dr hab. Janusz Bujak
      Contents: 28_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2021
      Number of pages: 506
      ISSN: 1230-0780

      In memory of
      Fr. prof. dr hab. Edward Sienkiewicz

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Fr. prof. dr. hab. Edward Sienkiewicz scientist and Triest
      Full text: 01_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 11-30


      Author: Dionisio Candido
      Title: The Book of Judith in the Works of Clement of Alexandria and Origen
      Full text: 02_candidio_dionisio.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-01
      Number of pages: 33-48

      Author: Adam Drozdek
      Title: The five Biblical compendia of Johann Jacob Schmidt
      Full text: 03_drozdek_adam.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-02
      Number of pages: 49-65

      Author: Janusz Lema雟ki
      Title: Creation Description (Genesis 1:1–2:3): asking for a potential
                   earlier version and later supplements

      Full text: 04_lemanski_janusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-03
      Number of pages: 67-83

      Author: Dawid Napiwodzki
      Title: “Eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven”: the biblical basics
                   of celibacy – literary-exegetical analysis Mt 19:10–12

      Full text: 05_napiwodzki_dawid.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-04
      Number of pages: 85-105


      Author: Jacek Froniewski
      Title: Jesus’ salvific action towards the sick as the foundation
                   for the institution of the sacrament of Anointing the Sick

      Full text: 06_froniewski_jacek.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-05
      Number of pages: 109-126

      Author: Marek Jagodzi雟ki
      Title: Pneumatological dimension of the sacraments of the healing
                   of communion

      Full text: 07_jagodzinski_marek.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-06
      Number of pages: 127-142

      Author: Sylwester Ja鄂iewicz
      Title: Theological foundations of love in the “social crusade of love”
                   by cardinal Stefan Wyszy雟ki

      Full text: 08_jaskiewicz_sylwester.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-07
      Number of pages: 143-157

      Author: Bogus豉w Kochaniewicz
      Title: Bernard of Clairvaux, Thomas Aquinas and the sanctification
                   of the Blessed Virgin Mary

      Full text: 09_kochaniewicz_boguslaw.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-08
      Number of pages: 159-176

      Author: Janusz Kr鏊ikowski
      Title: Criticism of the Church – sources, validity and limitations
      Full text: 10_krolikowski_janusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-09
      Number of pages: 177-196

      Author: Piotr Skiba
      Title: Is euthanasia a “good death”? The message of letter Samaritanus
in the experience of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

      Full text: 11_skiba_piotr.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-10
      Number of pages: 197-209

      Author: Izabella Smentek
      Title: Eschatic meaning of the missionary activity of the Church
      Full text: 12_smentek_izabella.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-11
      Number of pages: 211-229

      Author: J霩ef Warzeszak
      Title: Benedict XVI’s vision of the university
      Full text: 13_warzeszak_jozef.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-12
      Number of pages: 231-265

      Author: Kasandra Witkowska
      Title: From Munificentissimus Deus to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
                   the evolution of the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
                   Mary for the 70th anniversary of its proclamation

      Full text: 14_witkowska_kasandra.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-13
      Number of pages: 267-283


      Author: J霩ef Baniak
      Title: Marriage and divorce in the minds of Polish youth at the turn
                   of the twentieth and twentieth centuries in the light
                   of sociological research

      Full text: 15_baniak_jozef.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-14
      Number of pages: 287-310

      Author: Adrian Fertacz
      Title: Journalist a servant of truth and man
      Full text: 16_fertacz_adrian.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-15
      Number of pages: 311-322

      Author: Remigiusz Kr鏊
      Title: Fundamental ontology and its analysis of “being” in terms of Heidegger
      Full text: 17_krol_remigiusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-16
      Number of pages: 323-338


      Author: Adam Bielinowicz
      Title: Educating a truthful user of the Internet
      Full text: 18_bielinowicz_adam.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-17
      Number of pages: 341-354

      Author: Ma貪orzata Pagacz
      Title: Searches and desires of young people in the teaching
                   of pope Benedict XVI and pope Francis

      Full text: 19_pagacz_malgorzata.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-18
      Number of pages: 355-364

      Author: Henryk Wejman
      Title: Trust in God is the basis of human social involvement.
                   Analytical study of the Diary of St. Sister Faustina Kowalska
                   in the social aspect

      Full text: 20_wejman_henryk.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-19
      Number of pages: 365-379


      Author: Viktoria Bilyk
      Title: The religious policy of the emperors Paul I and Alexander I regarding
                   the Greco-Uniate Church in the Southwestern Territory
                   of the Russian Empire

      Full text: 21_bilyk_viktoria.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-20
      Number of pages: 383-397

      Author: Ryszard Ficek
      Title: Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski’s personalist-communitarian
                   concept of the state and the socio-political transformations of Poland
                   in the post-war decades dukacja

      Full text: 22_ficek_ryszard.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-20
      Number of pages: 399-422

      Author: Dariusz 妃ierzchalski-Wachocz
      Title: Censorship of the official body of the Gorzow (Gorz闚)
                   curia in the years 1957–1959. Fragment of the anti-Church policy
                   of the PRL

      Full text: 23_smierzchalski_wachocz_dariusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-22
      Number of pages: 424-434

      THE LAW

      Author: Jaros豉w ζpucha
      Title: Praeceptum dominicale in the epidemic time. The study concerning
                   the Church language on the example of Polish bishops’ documents

      Full text: 24_lapucha_jaroslaw.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-23
      Number of pages: 437-455

      Author: Dariusz Mazurkiewicz
      Title: Normae substantiales in the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis
                   Vos estis lux mundi in the light of previous general legislation
                   and Polish particular law

      Full text: 25_mazurkiewicz_dariusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-24
      Number of pages: 457-474


      Author: Pawe Pielka
      Title: The Church of the Spirit as a continuation of the Incarnation of Christ
                   by Fr. prof. dr. hab. Andrzej A. Napi鏎kowski, OSPPE, pp. 232

      Full text: 26_pielka_pawel.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-25
      Number of pages: 477-479

      Author: Adam Romejko
      Title: Fr. Edward Walewander, Man and Book, Liber Duo Publishing House,
                   Lublin 2020, pp. 262

      Full text: 27_romejko_adam.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-26
      Number of pages: 481-484

      Author: Jerzy Szymik
      Title: At the service of the Church community. Fr. Edward Sienkiewicz
                   and his work

      Full text: 28_szymik_jerzy.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-27
      Number of pages: 485-490

      Author: Janusz Bujak
      Title: Report on the international scientific conference Synodality
                   in the Life and Teaching of the Church
, November 26, 2019 (online)

      Full text: 29_bujak_janusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-28
      Number of pages: 491-495

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Report from the scientific symposium Cardinal Stefan Wyszy雟ki.
                   Primate, Man of State, Blessed
, November 7, 2020

      Full text: 30_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2021.28-29
      Number of pages: 497-500

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