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      Editor: ks. prof. dr hab. Janusz Bujak
      Contents: 26_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2020
      Number of pages: 606
      ISSN: 1230-0780


      Author: ㄆkasz Florczyk
      Title: Circumcision rite in Gilgal (Josh 5:2–9) when the relationship
                   of the chosen people with YHWH is renewed

      Full text: 01_florczyk_lukasz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-01
      Number of pages: 13-30

      Author: Piotr Goniszewski
      Title: The image of the Netherworld world in selected Mesopotamian myths
      Full text: 02_goniszewski_piotr.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-02
      Number of pages: 31-47

      Author: Andrzej . J璠rzejczak
      Title: The journey of Terach from Ur to Harran as a reflex of lunar
                   cults in the Old Testament (Gen. 11:27–32)?

      Full text: 03_jedrzejczak_andrzej_l.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2019.26-03
      Number of pages: 49-64

      Author: Grzegorz Kubski
      Title: Our Father by August Cieszkowski – exegetic methods with the thesis
                   of the Paraclete

      Full text: 04_kubski_grzegorz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-04
      Number of pages: 65-85

      Author: Janusz Lema雟ki
      Title: A Biblical Ordeal? From “God’s Court” Procedure to the Ceremonial
                   Cult (Nm 5: 11–31)

      Full text: 05_lemanski_janusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-05
      Number of pages: 87-122

      Author: Agata Markiewicz
      Title: Biblical theology of a mountain as a place of encounter with God
      Full text: 06_markiewicz_agata.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-06
      Number of pages: 123-134

      Author: Angelo Rella
      Title: “Educate the body to save the soul”. On the Girardo Patecchio’s
                   Splanamento de li Proverbii di Salomone

      Full text: 07_rella_angelo.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-07
      Number of pages: 135-149


      Author: Przemys豉w Artemiuk
      Title: A justification of the historicity of primacy of the bishop of Rome
                    in the apologia of Pawe Lisicki

      Full text: 08_artemiuk_przemyslaw.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-08
      Number of pages: 153-172

      Author: Grzegorz Bachanek
      Title: Mary as a helper for the elderly
      Full text: 09_bachanek_grzegorz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-09
      Number of pages: 173-183

      Author: Grzegorz Bartosik
      Title: The Mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary according to Cardinal
                   Stefan Wyszy雟ki. Selected aspects

      Full text: 10_bartosik_grzegorz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-10
      Number of pages: 185-206

      Author: Sylwester Ja鄂iewicz
      Title: Amor sapientiae in the spiritual itinerary of Saint Augustine
      Full text: 11_jaskiewicz_sylwester.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-11
      Number of pages: 207-220

      Author: Maksym Adam Kopiec
      Title: The family as a “sanctuary” of life in the face of contemporary
                   threats in the light of John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae

      Full text: 12_kopiec_maksym_adam.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-12
      Number of pages: 221-239

      Author: Andrzej Makowski
      Title: Evangelizing Church on the road – new forms of popular
                   missions in Poland

      Full text: 13_makowski_andrzej.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-13
      Number of pages: 241-255

      Author: Alberto Piola
      Title: Pope Francis’ commitment to universal brotherhood. What’s new
                   in the Abu Dhabi Document (February 4, 2019)

      Full text: 14_piola_alberto.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-14
      Number of pages: 257-274

      Author: Jan Kazimierz Przyby這wski
      Title: Christian religion and new culture. Difficulties in dialogue
      Full text: 15_przybylowski_jan_kazimierz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-15
      Number of pages: 275-291

      Author: Edward Sienkiewicz
      Title: Christology in the writings of Saint Jerome
      Full text: 16_sienkiewicz_edward.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-16
      Number of pages: 293-314

      Author: Henryk Wejman
      Title: Faces of the spirituality of St. Andrzej Bobola and its messages
                   for modern people in the context of the encyclical Pius XII
                   Invicti Athletae Christi

      Full text: 17_wejman_henryk.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-17
      Number of pages: 315-327


      Author: Jaros豉w Babi雟ki
      Title: Evidence for the existence of God – Father Franciszek Sawicki
      Full text: 18_babinski_jaroslaw.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-18
      Number of pages: 331-347

      Author: Diana Del Mastro
      Title: Ontology and epistemology in the scientific and spiritual itinerary
                   of Father Pavel A. Florenskij

      Full text: 19_del_mastro_diana.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-19
      Number of pages: 349-358

      Author: Wies豉w Dyk
      Title: Paidagogos (παιδαγωγός) and ars educandi (αρς εδυκανδι)
                   in the context of epigenetics

      Full text: 20_dyk_wieslaw.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-20
      Number of pages: 359-370


      Author: Katarzyna Lemek
      Title: The commitment to Catechesis by the first Metropolitan Archbishop i
                   of Szczecin-Kamien (Kamie) Archdiocese Marian Przykuck

      Full text: 21_lemek_katarzyna.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-21
      Number of pages: 373-389

      Author: Krzysztof ㄆszczek
      Title: Transhumanistic challenges of the future. Upbringing and education
      Full text: 22_luszczek_krzysztof.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-21
      Number of pages: 373-389

      Author: Iwona Rawicka
      Title: The crisis of upbringing in values and its consequences – analysis
                   of the phenomenon at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries

      Full text: 23_rawicka_iwona.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-23
      Number of pages: 405-420

      Author: Anna Zellma, Edward Wiszowaty
      Title: School retreats as a measure counteracting online hate
                   among youth

      Full text: 24_zellma_anna_wiszowaty_edward.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-24
      Number of pages: 421-436


      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Manuscript of Fr. Andrzej J霩ef Delerdt as a source for the beginning
                   of the cult of Our Lady of Sorrows in Skrzatusz

      Full text: 25_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-25
      Number of pages: 439-457

      Author: Andrzej Krzystek
      Title: Chalice and paten of Konrad Mazowiecki from the 13th century – a copy
                   for the Szczecin-Kamien (Kamie) Archdiocese

      Full text: 26_krzystek_andrzej.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-26
      Number of pages: 459-471

      Author: Witold Lesner
      Title: Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Saint of difficult times
      Full text: 27_lesner_witold.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-27
      Number of pages: 473-486

      Author: Jaros豉w Nowaszczuk
      Title: A contribution to the research of the Jesuit martyrdom
      Full text: 28_nowaszczuk_jaroslaw.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-28
      Number of pages: 487-500

      Author: Dariusz 妃ierzchalski-Wachocz
      Title: Impact of the election of Pope John Paul II on the attitude of state
                   authorities to the Catholic Church in Western Pomerania.
                   Methods and examples

      Full text: 29_smierzchalski-wachocz_dariusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-29
      Number of pages: 501-523

      THE LAW

      Author: Kazimierz Dullak
      Title: Proximate preparation to marriage in the light of documents applicable
                   at various levels in selected Polish dioceses

      Full text: 30_dullak_kazimierz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-30
      Number of pages: 527-543

      Author: Piotr υwicki
      Title: Genesis and history of the dean’s office
      Full text: 31_lowicki_piotr.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-31
      Number of pages: 545-560

      Author: Krzysztof O. Pokorski
      Title: The loss of the church office
      Full text: 32_pokorski_o_krzysztof.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-32
      Number of pages: 561-569

      Author: Piotr Soba雟ki
      Title: The issue of invalidation of unappealable judgments delivered
                   against priests in Poland between 1944 and 1989

      Full text: 33_sobanski_piotr.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-33
      Number of pages: 571-589


      Author: Janusz Bujak
      Title: Pawe Beyga, Anglican Tradition at a Missal Ordinariate
                   of former Anglicans
, Opole 2018, pp. 203

      Full text: 34_bujak_janusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-34
      Number of pages: 593-596

      Author: Remigusz Szauer
      Title: Report on the conference “Education, upbringing and youth ministry
                   in the face of contemporary challenges”,
                   Koszalin, 23 November 2019

      Full text: 35_szauer_remigiusz.pdf
      DOI: 10.18276/skk.2020.27-35
      Number of pages: 597-600

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