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      Editor: ks. dr hab. Edward Sienkiewicz, prof. US
      Contents: spis_tresci.pdf (29.6 kB)
      Year of publication: 2013
      Number of pages: 355
      ISSN: 1230-0780


      Author: Ks. Jaros豉w Babi雟ki
      Title: Father Francis Sawicki as a teacher
      Full text: 01_babinski_jaroslaw.pdf (335 kB)
      Number of pages: 7-17

      Author: Ks. Ignacy Bokwa
      Title: Basic aspects of a narrative theology in the light of
                  a systematic reflection

      Full text: 02_bokwa_ignacy.pdf (376 kB)
      Number of pages: 19-31

      Author: Ks. Kazimierz Dullak
      Title: I (XIV) Synod of the Archdiocese of Warmia (2006-2012)
                  The mission of the Warmia Church in the work of
                  the New Evangelization

      Full text: 03_dullak_kazimierz.pdf (369 kB)
      Number of pages: 33-47

      Author: Lidia Heinz
      Title: The value of a preventive system of Fr. John Bosco today
      Full text: 04_heinz_lidia.pdf (318 kB)
      Number of pages: 49-58

      Author: Ks. Bogus豉w Jankowski
      Title: The Camaldolese monks and religious and patriotic celebrations
                  in Warsaw Bielany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

      Full text: 05_jankowski_boguslaw.pdf (349 kB)
      Number of pages: 59-72

      Author: O. Ignacy Kosmana
      Title: Hagiographic homily a half of a century after Vatican II
      Full text: 06_kosmana_ignacy.pdf (331 kB)
      Number of pages: 73-83

      Author: Ks. Sebastian Kowal
      Title: The importance of faith in prayer for deliverance
      Full text: 07_kowal_sebastian.pdf (316 kB)
      Number of pages: 85-96

      Author: Ks. Roman Krawczyk
      Title: The parable of a prodigal son (Lk 15,11-32 ) – the paradigm of
                  a worried father

      Full text: 08_krawczyk_roman.pdf (341 kB)
      Number of pages: 97-105

      Author: Ks. Remigiusz Kr鏊
      Title: The individual as an important point of view by Ortega y Gasset
      Full text: 09_krol_remigiusz.pdf (291 kB)
      Number of pages: 107-115

      Author: Ks. Wojciech Lech闚
      Title: The Kerygma in catechesis as a linguistic postulate of
                  the conciliar theology

      Full text: 10_lechow_wojciech.pdf (335 kB)
      Number of pages: 117-126

      Author: Ks. Janusz Lema雟ki
      Title: Abraham - faith that is born from experience
      Full text: 11_lemanski_janusz.pdf (312 kB)
      Number of pages: 127-135

      Author: Ks. Maciej Machalica
      Title: The Immaculate Conception in the tradition of the first millennium
                  of the Church

      Full text: 12_machalica_maciej.pdf (474 kB)
      Number of pages: 137-160

      Author: Ks. Roman Misiak
      Title: The social determinants of the rising of nations in Europe
      Full text: 13_misiak_roman.pdf (462 kB)
      Number of pages: 161-174

      Author: Ks. Jaros豉w Moska造k
      Title: The problem of similarity in the Christian tradition of faith
      Full text: 14_moskalyk_jaroslaw.pdf (332 kB)
      Number of pages: 175-187

      Author: Ks. Jan Nowak
      Title: The biblical and pastoral approach to holiness
      Full text: 15_nowak_jan.pdf (414 kB)
      Number of pages: 189-201

      Author: Ks. Czes豉w Parzyszek
      Title: The new evangelization as a way to the renewal of the modern world
      Full text: 16_parzyszek_czeslaw.pdf (401 kB)
      Number of pages: 203-218

      Author: Ks. Andrzej Rutkowski
      Title: Marian devotion in the life of the particular Church
      Full text: 17_rutkowski_andrzej.pdf (435 kB)
      Number of pages: 219-237

      Author: Ks. Edward Sienkiewicz
      Title: The faith of the Church and the faith of a person
      Full text: 18_sienkiewicz_edward.pdf (412 kB)
      Number of pages: 239-254

      Author: Mi這sz Jan Szulc
      Title: The profession of faith in the Church liturgical music
                  in terms of Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger)

      Full text: 19_szulc_milosz.pdf (327 kB)
      Number of pages: 255-264

      Author: Ks. Janusz Szulist
      Title: Christian ethics in the functioning of democracy
                  in terms of Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger)

      Full text: 20_szulist_janusz.pdf (338 kB)
      Number of pages: 265-278

      Author: Ks. Grzegorz Wejman
      Title: The Millennium in the administration of Gorzow
      Full text: 21_wejman_grzegorz.pdf (433 kB)
      Number of pages: 279-300

      Author: Ks. Zbigniew Werra
      Title: The shaping of a civil society in Poland in a teaching
                  of the Polish Episcopate. The analysis of selected pastoral letters

      Full text: 22_werra_zbigniew.pdf (381 kB)
      Number of pages: 301-317

      Author: Ks. Waldemar Weso造
      Title: The educational role of a father in a family
      Full text: 23_wesoly_waldemar.pdf (336 kB)
      Number of pages: 319-330

      Author: Eugeniusz Grzegorz Wi您owski
      Title: Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski as an initiator and a advisor of
                  the development of religious life in Western Pomerania

      Full text: 24_wiazowski_eugeniusz.pdf (431 kB)
      Number of pages: 331-351


      Author: Ks. Tomasz Tomaszewski
      Title: The report of the popular science session
                  ”From the faith of Abraham to the faith of the Church”

      Full text: 25_tomaszewski_tomasz.pdf (222 kB)
      Number of pages: 353-355

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