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      Editor: ks. dr hab. Janusz Bujak, prof. US
      Contents: 23_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2016
      Number of pages: 437
      ISSN: 1230-0780


      Author: Piotr Goniszewski
      Title: Nouns ʽm and gwy in the Hebrew version of the Gospel according
                  to St. Matthew (ShemTov)

      Full text: 01_goniszewski_piotr.pdf
      Number of pages: 11-29

      Author: Wojciech Kardy
      Title: Characterization and Provenance of the Female Demons
                  in the Testament of Solomon

      Full text: 02_kardys_wojciech.pdf
      Number of pages: 31-42

      Author: Tadeusz Knut
      Title: Exegesis of the words of St. Paul, the Apostle “carry each other’s
                  burdens” (Ga 6,2) in the context of Ga 6,1–5

      Full text: 03_knut_tadeusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 43-54

      Author: Beate Kowalski
      Title: The Open Door of Heaven: Reflections on the Book of Revelation,
                  chapters 4 and 5

      Full text: 04_kowalski_beate.pdf
      Number of pages: 55-70

      Author: Janusz Lema雟ki
      Title: Has Gen 1,1–2,3 been re-read? The question is whether it is possible
                  to look anew at the priest’s account of creation?

      Full text: 05_lemanski_janusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 71-105

      Author: Alberto Piola
      Title: “There can be no ecology without an adequate anthropology” (LS 118).
                   Which man can take care of our common home?

      Full text: 06_piola_alberto.pdf
      Number of pages: 107-120

      Author: Klaudia Rosi雟ka
      Title: King Saul as an example of a mentally ill person in the Old Testament
      Full text: 07_rosinska_kaludia.pdf
      Number of pages: 121-133

      Author: Marcin Zieli雟ki
      Title: Apparent sadness of the just in the Book of Wisdom
      Full text: 08_zielinski_marcin.pdf
      Number of pages: 135-146


      Author: Justyna Groblewska
      Title: Issue of the priesthood of women in contemporary Church
      Full text: 09_groblewska_justyna.pdf
      Number of pages: 149-163

      Author: Monika Kulesza
      Title: Biblical images of Heaven in the late poetry of Juliusz S這wacki.
                   Some research remarks

      Full text: 10_kulesza_monika.pdf
      Number of pages: 165-180

      Author: Jaros豉w Moska造k
      Title: Sister’s ecclesia and realism of the particularistic Church
      Full text: 11_moskalyk_jaroslaw.pdf
      Number of pages: 181-190

      Author: Piotr P瘯ul
      Title: The origins and historic development of passion devotion
                  in depiction of Jerzy J霩ef Kope CP

      Full text: 12_pekul_piotr.pdf
      Number of pages: 191-200

      Author: Arkadiusz Trochanowski
      Title: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church ecumenical concept
      Full text: 13_trochanowski_arkadiusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 201-211

      Author: Edward Sienkiewicz
      Title: The importance of medieval philosophy in the development of science
      Full text: 14_sienkiewicz_edward.pdf
      Number of pages: 213-243

      Author: Ewa Wnuk
      Title: The efficiency of moral education in the face of the challenges
                 of contemporary politics

      Full text: 15_wnuk_ewa.pdf
      Number of pages: 231-243


      Author: S豉womir Bukalski
      Title: Religiousness as the criterion of the quality of the engagement period
                 and marriage

      Full text: 16_bukalski_slawomir.pdf
      Number of pages: 243-254

      Author: Adam Falewicz
      Title: Resiliency and its role in the process of coping with stress
      Full text: 17_falewicz_adam.pdf
      Number of pages: 263-275

      Author: Anita 真rek
      Title: Interpersonal communication as a way to Christian brotherhood
      Full text: 18_zurek_anita.pdf
      Number of pages: 277-289


      Author: Zbigniew Danielewicz
      Title: Existential safety and specific nature of the selected “soft” risks
      Full text: 19_danielewicz_zbigniew.pdf
      Number of pages: 293-304

      Author: Karol Jasi雟ki
      Title: Liberalism and common good
      Full text: 20_jasinski_karol.pdf
      Number of pages: 305-319

      Author: Janusz Szulist
      Title: The role of fair wages in shaping responsible freedom
      Full text: 21_szulist_janusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 321-335


      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: Religious orders and institutes of consecrated life in the documents
                  of the church archives of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Ko這brzeg) diocese

      Full text: 22_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 339-354

      Author: Joanna Janusiak
      Title: Genocide in Ponary – the picture of the crime from the account
                  of Kazimierz Sakowicz and Helena Pasierbska / part 1

      Full text: 23_janusiak_joanna.pdf
      Number of pages: 355-375

      Author: ㄆkasz ㄆkaszewicz
      Title: Preparation and conduct of I Synod of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg
                  (Ko這brzeg) Diocese

      Full text: 24_lukaszewicz_lukasz.pdf
      Number of pages: 377-400

      Author: Pawe Warcho
      Title: The school, university and the state at the service of Poles education
      Full text: 25_warchol_pawel.pdf
      Number of pages: 401-410


      Author: Marcin Napad這
      Title: Marek Szulakiewicz, The metaphysical search, Copernicus Scientific
                  Publisher, Torun (Toru) 2014, pp. 248

      Full text: 26_napadlo_marcin.pdf
      Number of pages: 413-417

      Author: Jan Radkiewicz
      Title: Conciliar Studies, Volume II, Part II: History and reception
                  of Vatican II,
ed. M. Bia趾owski, Torun (Toru) 2015, pp. 856

      Full text: 27_radkiewicz_jan.pdf
      Number of pages: 419-421

      Author: Grzegorz Wejman
      Title: A book’s review The Polish roads to freedom. The chronicle
                 of the Holy Family Parish in Pila (Pi豉) from October 6, 1978 to
                 June 18,1989.
The selection, introduction and development
                 by Jaros豉w W御owicz SDB, Pila (Pi豉) 2015, pp. 276

      Full text: 28_wejman_grzegorz.pdf
      Number of pages: 423-425

      Author: Janusz Bujak
      Title: The report of the science conference Marriage and family in the Church
                  teaching and its pastoral practice
, Koszalin, April 16, 2016

      Full text: 29_bujak_janusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 427-429

      Author: Tadeusz Ceynowa
      Title: The report of the popular science conference Activity of
                  religious orders, congregations and institutes of consecrated life
                  in the area of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Ko這brzeg) diocese
,                   Koszalin, November 28, 2015

      Full text: 30_ceynowa_tadeusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 431-433

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