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      Editor: ks. dr hab. Janusz Bujak, prof. US
      Contents: 24_spis_tresci.pdf
      Year of publication: 2017
      Number of pages: 338
      ISSN: 1230-0780


      Author: Janusz Lema雟ki
      Title: Moses and the Midianites: the memory of a historical tradition
                  that required a theological correction?

      Full text: 01_lemanski_janusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 11-40

      Author: Ma貪orzata Piotrkowska-Da鎥owska
      Title: Christological dimension of Isaiah 53,1–5
      Full text: 02_piotrkowska-dankowska_malgorzata.pdf
      Number of pages: 41-54

      Author: Janusz Wilk
      Title: Hope Expressed in Lamentation of Psalm 13 (12)
      Full text: 03_wilk_janusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 55-66


      Author: Jaros豉w Babi雟ki
      Title: Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI on the contemporary crisis of the idea
                  of God and its consequences

      Full text: 04_babinski_jaroslaw.pdf
      Number of pages: 69-81

      Author: Wies豉w Jankowski
      Title: The evangelical value of the family in the Church and in the world
                  accordingto the Synods on the Family

      Full text: 05_jankowski_wieslaw.pdf
      Number of pages: 83-99

      Author: Tomasz Karpeta
      Title: “The proof of a miracle” value in a canonization process
      Full text: 06_karpeta_tomasz.pdf
      Number of pages: 101-114

      Author: Bogus豉w Kochaniewicz
      Title: The role of angels in the history of salvation according
                  to Saint Peter Chrysologus

      Full text: 07_kochaniewicz_boguslaw.pdf
      Number of pages: 115-125

      Author: Tomasz M璠rek
      Title: The teaching of John Paul II on the indissolubility of marriage in some
                  of his documents

      Full text: 08_medrek_tomasz.pdf
      Number of pages: 127-147

      Author: Pawe Mielnik
      Title: Death according to Boethius in Consolatio philosophiae
      Full text: 09_mielnik_pawel.pdf
      Number of pages: 149-167

      Author: S豉womir Zatwardnicki
      Title: Christ in the nexus mysteriorum
      Full text: 10_zatwardnicki_slawomir.pdf
      Number of pages: 169-181


      Author: Miros豉w Gogolik
      Title: The role of laity in the preparation of candidates for the sacrament
                  of confirmation

      Full text: 11_gogolik_miroslaw.pdf
      Number of pages: 185-197

      Author: Robert Kaczmarek
      Title: Challenges faced by contemporary preparation for confirmation
                  on the example of Polish and German experience

      Full text: 12_kaczmarek_robert.pdf
      Number of pages: 199-214

      Author: Jan Kochel
      Title: “Youth on the threshold” – a proposition of kerygmatic-mystagogic
                  preparation for the sacrament of confirmation

      Full text: 13_kochel_jan.pdf
      Number of pages: 215-230

      Author: Dariusz Kurzyd這
      Title: The sacrament of confirmation for persons with intellectual disability
      Full text: 14_kurzydlo_dariusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 231-242

      Author: Janusz Mastalski
      Title: The (in)ability of junior high school students for a fruitful reception
                 of confirmation

      Full text: 15_mastalski_janusz.pdf
      Number of pages: 243-255

      Author: Kazimierz Misiaszek
      Title: Confirmation – a sacrament of maturity or a sacrament
                 of emerging maturity?

      Full text: 16_misiaszek_kazimierz.pdf
      Number of pages: 257-264

      Author: Piotr Tomasik
      Title: Confirmation as a misionary sacrament
      Full text: 17_tomasik_piotr.pdf
      Number of pages: 265-288

      Author: Anna Walulik
      Title: Confirmation versus the rites of passage
      Full text: 18_walulik_anna.pdf
      Number of pages: 289-298


      Author: Joanna Janusiak
      Title: Genocide in Ponary – the picture of the crime from the account
                  of Kazimierz Sakowicz and Helena Pasierbska / part 2

      Full text: 19_janusiak_joanna.pdf
      Number of pages: 301-319


      Author: Edward Sienkiewicz
      Title: The report on the work of the conference Mercy and Justice,
                  Koszalin, November 19, 2016

      Full text: 20_sienkiewicz_edward.pdf
      Number of pages: 323-327

      Author: Wojciech W鎩towicz
      Title: The report of the 12th Congress of Theologians Fundamental
                  1050 anniversary of Polish Christianity. Fundamental Theology
                  on guard Christian identity
, WSD Koszalin, September 22–23, 2016

      Full text: 21_wojtowicz_wojciech.pdf
      Number of pages: 329-334

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